Design is not for philosophy, it’s for life.
— Issey Miyake


Future (Mirai). Kid (Ko). 

We have two little future women at home. And this business is all about them. They also both have the character for future - 未 - in their names. 


May we raise them to be incredible humans. Have fight. Have bite. Be kind. Be loyal. Always adventure. Cherish the unique. 


Be each other's forever friends.

That is the future we see for them. 


This family project, our passion project, was created to bring Japanese mini style around the world. The superlative quality, craft and pride in each piece, down to the snap buttons and stitch details, that comes with being Japan made. Design that lasts. 

The brands we carry are independent, thoughtful and follow business practices respectful of this wondrous world we live in. We are the first and exclusive stockists of these brands in the US. 


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